1.How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with following?
Overall Experience
Computer Equipment
2.How likely are you to recommend the following to a friend or colleague?
This Course
This Instructor
This Training Facility
3.How likely are you to continue learning this software?
4.What do you intend to use this training for?
School / University project To become more productive in my current job
Career enhancement/better opportunities To teach students at my school/college/University
To teach others in my organisation To evaluate the product before making a purchase
Personal interest Other
5.Which of the following best describes you
6.How much experience do you have?
7.To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
The course met the stated objectives
I learned new knowledge and skills
I will be able to apply the new skills I've learned
The new skills I've learned will improve my performance
I'm more likely to recommend Cadassist as a result of attending this course
8.Please provide us with any additional comments about this course
9.Next Steps Yes No
Are there further courses that may be of interest (Refer to listing in your course joining details)?
Would any of your colleagues be interested in this course or an alternative?
We conduct in-house tailored courses. Would these be of greater value to your organisation?
Would you or colleagues be interested in an Autodesk Certification Test?
We are always interested in how our training translates into improvements to the way you work. Would you be interested in completing a brief follow up survey by telephone?