Infrastruture Courses

AutoCAD Map 3D

Duration: 2 days

AutoCAD Map is a leading solution for creating, maintaining, analyzing, exchanging, and presenting mapping information in a CAD environment. This course is designed for beginning Geographic Information Systems (GIS) users who need to design and manage resources or infrastructure in a precision graphical environment.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D

Duration: 2 days

This course is for civil design professionals looking to make the best use of the available tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D for working with point data, creating and analysing a surface, developing a site, and modelling roads, corridors, and pipe networks.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced Workshops

Duration: 13 days

A total of 10 workshops and 13 days of training are available from Cadassist to help you advance your Civil 3D skills. They include Introduction to Corridor Design (2 days) Designing Intersections, Roundabouts and Cul-de-sacs (1 day) Introduction to Grading (2 days) Civil 3D for Surveyors (2 days) Storm and Sanitary Analysis (1 day) AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Upgrade (1 day) Pipe Network and Drainage Design (1 day) AutoCAD Civil 3D Project Visualisation (1 day) Managing Your AutoCAD Civil 3D Project (1 day) Using Civil 3D and Revit Structure Together (1 day)

InfraWorks for Infrastructure

Duration: 2 days

This training course is designed for civil engineers, planners and others who need to use this tool to create data-rich 3D models with high-end visualisations. This 2-day course includes functionality in both Infraworks and Infraworks 360. You will learn how to use InfraWorks to create, evaluate and communicate 3D site plan proposals for faster approvals, rapidly generate early design concepts for new roads, and create high-impact presentations and videos.

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Infraworks 360 Workshops

Duration: 3 days

These three 1-day courses are your opportunity to advance your use of InfraWorks 360. In each case, we go beyond the core functionality of InfraWorks and begin to apply more advanced, engineering-based design to our roads, bridges and drainage systems. You will design roads with asset cards, create and modify intersections and balance earthwork. You will simulate accurate and functional bridges according to span, number of piers and other bridge elements. You will work with watersheds, culverts, and create drainage networks. For a detailed course outline, please call us on 0845 872 5603.